This Year I Semester II module enables the student to focus on the acquisition and development of the four learning skills to increase students’ level to IELTS 5.5 (intermediate and above): reading, listening, writing and speaking in an industry related context (LTM).
The module also enables students to develop generic skills and graduate attributes such as teamwork, leadership, autonomy, problem-solving and academic integrity. It promotes deep learning by enhancing independent learning and orienting learners to reflect, analyze, think critically and logically, rather than memorizing.
Students are guided to carry out a short semester integrated project for all the LTM subjects involving collecting and analyzing data and writing a report. The Semester Project, along with the individual 750-word essay, will enable students to demonstrate their writing and grammatical abilities, but will also require students to demonstrate the basic research skills, research ethics, academic integrity and prepare them for the degree studies.

Shadha Neiroukh